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About Makaila Haifa

Makaila Haifa is a modest fashion brand founded by Hida in 2018, operating in Jakarta and Singapore. The brand is a symbol of strong, resilient, and unstoppable women. It tells the story of the brand owner who separated from her ex-husband. The name Makaila Haifa itself is taken from the names of his two daughters, namely “Makaila” and “Haifa”, as Hida's dedication to her two daughters after becoming single parents.

In making the Makaila Haifa brand, Hida was assisted by her female friends. Hida believes that when women support each other, amazing things happen. Makaila Haifa's brand identity tends to be classy and simple. This means that it can be combined with other fashion items. While the material chosen is the best material in order to provide comfort and elegance when worn. And can be used for a long time.

Makaila Haifa's color selection focuses on neutral and bold colors. The two unique colors give the impression of simple but still stylish at the same time when worn by urban women with dynamic lifestyles.

Makaila Haifa continues to grow and continues to exist by containing social projects that focus on empowering women or women support women and succeeded in creating a #WegotYourBack_Id community, a community that focuses on women empowerment. In addition, Makaila Haifa also actively contributes to the empowerment of refugee women through the Mishka Project. 
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