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Women are familiar and vulnerable to bullying. Various forms of bullying, both physical form, social status, and professional career journey, have been experienced by 62% of Indonesian women. 47% of them experience bullying in their physical shape that is greater or different from the average person (Based on data from ZAP Beauty Index 2022).

In line with the promotion of women's emancipation campaign in Indonesia. Now Indonesian women do not just stand idly by and stay silent to occupy one status. But Indonesian women are great as living beings who continue to be empowered, play an active role and benefit their lives.

#WeGotYourBack_Id is a women's community established in 2020 focusing on empowering women or women support women in Indonesia in collaboration with various other women's communities. Entering its fourth year, the WeGotYourBack_Id community remains committed to contributing and empowering Indonesian women and several activations that have been carried out by #WeGotYourback_Id include helping female teaching staff at Bantar Gebang schools for waste picker children and also collaborating with the SeaSoldier Indonesia community in empowering women such as education and the plastic waste recycling movement. From women, by women, to women.


Women Behind Makaila Haifa Writer : Administrator

Double Mask Campign Writer : Administrator


Jakarta, as reported by Makaila Haifa could be perceived by some as a normal fashion brand or brand similar to other brands. But who would have imagined that one brand might engage in social activities? Absolutely, Ling Hidah, the brand's owner, brought together some friends who were refugees from outside of Indonesia to enhance their diverse skills through the Mishka Project. Modeling, fashion styling, and photography are the areas of focus for one of them. Ling Hida with Makaila Haifa is more than just a clothing line; it gives migrants a platform to work and express themselves. Through painting designs on clothing and bags, they can express a variety of creative ideas pertaining to women's empowerment. This article has been published on with the title "Not Just a Fashion Brand, Makaila Haifa Helps Women in Refugee Camps ", Click to read:


World Environment Day 2023: The Community Creates Fashion Products from Great Women's Works This article was posted on under the title World Environment Day 2023: The Community Creates Fashion Products from Great Women's Works Writer : Syifa Fauziah

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The Collaboration Eurekawomen with WeGotYourBack_ID Self-Positifity Booothcamp This article was published on under the title The Collaboration Eurekawomen with WeGotYourBack_ID Self-Positifity Booothcamp Writer : Tribun Ismanto


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