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Women Behind Makaila Haifa

Last updated: 29 Dec 2023  |  223 Views  | 

Women Behind Makaila Haifa

This is Teh Ila. She is an employee of Makaila Haifa's QC Team. Every day, Tea Ila carries the remaining fabrics of production from the sewing houses that will later be made into fashion products.
The process of Teh Ila bringing these fabrics is very quite complicated and challenging. Because she has to go through the swamp, a small, steep road. If the rainy season comes in the morning, it's filled with water stains mixed with mud.
After that, the fabrics have been brought and collected according to the type and will be checked by the QC Team for the distribution of various kinds of fashion products.
Besides Teh Ila, there is also Teh Nung. She is also part of Makaila Haifa (QC Team). Every day,
Teh Nung's mission is to help Teh Ila sorting and ready-to-use products are ready to be packed.
The Nungs are very hardworking. Because she helps her husband revive the family's economy.
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