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Mishka Project, Giving Hope to Women's Refugee for Fashion

Last updated: 17 Oct 2023  |  54 Views  | 

Mishka Project, Giving Hope to Women's Refugee for Fashion

In Indonesia, in the period June 2021, the number of refugees according to data from UNHCR Indonesia (UN Agency for Refugees) is estimated to have reached 13,416 refugees. As many as 58 percent of refugees in Indonesia come from Afghanistan. 

Some of them are female refugees who hope to have the opportunity to build a bright future. The uncertainty of staying in a country and not being able to work professionally makes some of them admit that they are desperate, even eating 'just for one day' is a luxury for them. Added to this is the Covid-19 outbreak which is becoming more and more uncertain day by day.

Makaila Haifa, the #WEGOTYOURBACK_ID community is always committed to helping women support women or oppressed women, especially in the social and humanitarian fields. Because that is what inspired Makaila Haifa to create this social project and collaborate with female refugees under the auspices of UNHCR Indonesia and the #WEGOTYOURBACK_ID community.

With this social project, Makaila Haifa, the #WEGOTYOURBACK_ID community is happy to collaborate with extraordinary women. And we call it the “Mishka Project”. The name "Mishka" itself means "Gift of Love". It is this gift of love that Makaila Haifa wants to share with the women around the world who work with us. This Mishka Project is dedicated to the baby girl of the founder of the Makaila Haifa brand, namely Ling Hidah Seaful.

Through the Mishka Project, female refugees and male refugees have the opportunity to take part in a series of activities, starting from November 2021 to January 2022, namely in the form of auditions, training and photo shoots for the Mishka Project campaign. There were 4 female refugee participants who were selected as fashion models.

Makaila Haifa also involves and collaborates with professional trainers in the fashion sector. Train and teach female refugees about fashion modeling. Starting from how to pose properly and correctly, how to walk for runway, and other fashion manners.

With this training, female refugees have the opportunity to become models and talent for the Mishka Project campaign photo shoot. Refugees or their communities also receive a half fee from sales of the Mishka Project's special collections. And for the Mishka Project, the funds come from Makaila Haifa itself, without donations or sponsorship from other parties. 

Being a refugee in someone else's country is not an easy thing, being separated from their family, language, social and cultural limitations are familiar to their daily lives. Refugees usually have to wait a long time to get asylum from a third country. At least the Mishka Project can help and lighten their burden. And they have hope to keep their enthusiasm alive

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