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Women's Resilience in the Bloom by Makaila Haifa Collection

Last updated: 31 Jan 2024  |  454 Views  | 

Women's Resilience in the Bloom by Makaila Haifa Collection – Fashion clothing brand, Makaila Haifa x Mishka Project released a new collection, Bloom, that depicts the power of women. The collection is part of Makaila Haifa's natural activities involving refugee women in Indonesia.
Bloom is like a blooming and beautiful flower. In this case, Dilla, as a female refugee from Afghanistan, is a strong female figure who rose from all the limitations she experienced," said Hida, the designer who made Makaila Haifa, in a media meeting before the fashion show at The Westin Jakarta recently.
Hida continued by saying that when Dilla was twenty years pregnant, she was made to live in a roadside tent. Dilla's real name is Freshteh Jafari. Dilla, a talented painter, perseveres through hardships to lead an independent and self-assured life.

This article was published on with the title "Stories of Refugee Women in Indonesia Fashion Week".

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