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WeGotYourBack_ID x Eureka Women 2023

Last updated: 17 Oct 2023  |  45 Views  | 

WeGotYourBack_ID x Eureka Women 2023

Women are often vulnerable to bullying. Various forms of bullying, both physical, social status and professional career path, have been experienced by 62% of Indonesian women. 47% of them experienced bullying because their physical appearance was bigger or different from most people. Many victims of bullying become depressed, and ultimately decide to end their lives.

Understanding this, Eurekawomen, a digital platform that focuses on education, especially strengthening and empowering women, held a Self-Positivity Bootcamp to celebrate International Women's Day together. Celebrating all the achievements of women victims of bullying who have risen and are ready to become agents of change in their communities and environments.

"Through this activity, we want to provide a safe space as well as educate Indonesian women who are victims of bullying, so that they are able to become independent and empower each other. "To run this program, we collaborate with the main partner, namely the #Wegotyourback community," said Myrna Soeryo as Chief Executive Officer of Eurekawomen.

The role of women cannot be separated from everyday life, starting from the status of being a wife, giving birth to children, and becoming a parent. Women's work is not only completing household chores, being a teacher for children, so there are women who struggle to earn a living for various reasons to keep the family economy going.

In line with the campaign for the Emancipation of Indonesian Women, women do not just remain silent about having one status, but Indonesian women are said to be great living creatures who want to continue to be empowered and useful to fellow women.

"Through this activity, I continue to strive to support Indonesian women, because every woman definitely has potential that can be developed. "Not just thinking about domestic affairs, but also for herself and all other great women," said Hida Makaila Haifa as Founder of #WeGotYourBack_Id.

The Self-Positivity Bootcamp program, which will be held from March to June 2023, has received 100 registrations from women victims of bullying who have risen and are ready to become agents of change. From 100 applicants, they have been curated into the top 21 semifinalists who have participated in an intensive online bootcamp for a week in April 2023 and have been selected again as the top 8 finalists to take part in quarantine and offline bootcamp from 8 to 11 June 2023, in Jakarta.

Marlin Siahaan as Chief Operating Officer of Eurekawomen added, "The 8 finalists who came from various provinces in Indonesia, received intensive training for 3 days, including on self-awareness, public speaking, principles of women's empowerment, etc. from various experts by #Wegotyourback and Makaila Haifa, Eurekawomen and Look Academy, to prepare them to become agents of change for women's empowerment.”

After that, they will take part in a judging panel consisting of Myrna Soeryo (public relations consultant and founder of Eurekawomen), Marlin Siahaan (senior advisor for startups and founder of Eurekawomen), Hida Makaila (owner of the Makaila Haifa brand) and Keke Soeryo (founder of Look Models Academy).

"On the last day of quarantine, a celebration was held while showcasing the talents of the 8 finalists after attending training that increased their capacity as agents of change to empower women in their respective environments and communities," concluded Myrna, while representing A+ Communications, a public relations firm that focuses on on sustainable development goals, which also supports the Self-Positivity Bootcamp program.

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