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WeGotYourBack_ID and SeaSoldier Collaboration

Last updated: 29 Dec 2023  |  417 Views  | 

WeGotYourBack_ID and SeaSoldier Collaboration


In 2023, the Women's Empowerment Community (WegotYourBack) will collaborate with the Seasoldier environmentalist community. This fashion item is made using waste from the production of fabrics that become clothes and also lovely bags.

Specially made by fantastic women who are members of the Wegotyourback_id community which have a single mom background, women who assist their spouses due to layoffs during the pandemic, to be aided by parents who have special needs children. This is a physical embodiment of WeGotYourBack_ID's support for other women.
This collection is dedicated to women and the environment. As a real action to bring together great women to transform fabric waste into works of economic value. With the collaborative campaign by the hashtag #Brani #GandengPerempuan

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