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Happy World Environment Day 2023!

Last updated: 17 Oct 2023  |  53 Views  | 

Happy World Environment Day 2023!

Women are agents of change for the surrounding environment. One of them is in environmental management. Women have the potential and important role in managing natural resources and the environment. However, because patriarchal culture is still embedded in Indonesian society, the role of women is alienated.

In patriarchal culture, women tend to be placed in positions only for household (domestic) matters. Meanwhile, more men are placed in the public sector. In reality, women as household managers are more identified with housework such as cleaning the house, washing, looking after children and so on.

If we examine these works further, they are very close to environmental pollution, one of which is household waste. From this alone, we can see that women have an important role in environmental management.

In commemoration of World Environment Day which falls on June 5 2023. The #WeGotYourBack_ID community which focuses on women's empowerment is collaborating for the first time by collaborating with #SeaSoldier. Is an environmental care organization in Indonesia which was initiated by Nadine Chandrawinata and Dinni Septianingrum.

This collaboration carries the theme #Brani #GandengWomen by launching environmentally friendly fashion products, such as bags, outerwear, shirts, trousers and accessories. In making it, many great women were involved who played many roles. This product depicts the figure of today's woman who is tough, independent, strong and cares about the environment around her.

Hida Makaila Haifa, founder of the #WeGotYourBack_ID community said that "This collaboration can be a representation of women who have a positive impact on the surrounding environment. Apart from that, Hida also added that fellow women should care more about the environment around them, at least in the household. Nature is not an inheritance, but an entrustment to the next generation. This is a trust that must be maintained. "Hopefully many women out there will actively participate in saving the earth from destruction."

On the sidelines of the Deep and Extreme Indonesia 2023 exhibition at the Jakarta Convention Center, Hall B. Nadine Chandrawinata as the founder of SeaSoldier also added "With this collaboration, we hope that women who have extraordinary potential and extraordinary talents have not yet been brought to the surface, and can help become a bridge to "nudge" other women to #Brani #CollaborategreatWomen and care more about the environment around them."

Control your fashion waste! Come on, together we welcome World Environment Day 2023 with joy and enthusiasm to share understanding, actions, contributions and #Brani #Gandengwomen. In order to create sustainable environmental conditions. Happy World Environment Day 2023!

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