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Tampilkan Gaya Edgy dan Sporty, Mishka Project x Ly Scraf di Indonesia Fashion Week 2022

Last updated: 17 Oct 2023  |  69 Views  | 

Tampilkan Gaya Edgy dan Sporty, Mishka Project x Ly Scraf di Indonesia Fashion Week 2022

Jakarta, 16 April 2022—"Revive" is the theme raised by the Mishka Project supported by Makaila Haifa in collaboration with LY Premium Scarf at the Indonesia Fashion Week (IFW) 2022 event. It tells the story of the spirit and struggle of refugee women in Indonesia.

"Revive" which means "Revive" in Indonesian, is an illustration of the struggle of refugee women in building a bright future. Present with nine collaboration collections with an edgy and sporty style with specially designed printing motifs that make this collection look charming and elegant.

Mishka Project is a non-profit project initiated by modest fashion brand Makaila Haifa X UNHCR Indonesia X Community #WEGOTYOURBACK_ID. This project is social empowerment that focuses on refugee women in Indonesia.

Coming from a country full of conflict and war, forces them to dare to determine their own future by leaving their own country and looking for a new "home" that is safe for their future. While waiting for the process of moving to the next country, they are forced to stay temporarily in Indonesia.

One of them is Freshteh Jafari or who is familiarly called Dilla. This female refugee from Afghanistan has lived in Indonesia since 2018. She has an educational background in the arts and is a teacher for her community. Being a female refugee, being separated from loved ones, and language limitations are the biggest challenges for her as a single parent living in another country.

During the uncertain waiting process. Mishka Project is here to help provide training to refugee women, especially in the field of fashion, such as; fashion modeling, fashion styling, and fashion choreography.

With this training, female refugees have the opportunity to become models and talents for the Mishka Project campaign photo shoot and become muses for this collaborative project. There were 3 female refugees who were chosen as muses for the collaborative project. They are; Nazanin Jan Ali from Afghanistan, Jafari Fresteh from Afghanistan, and Um Mu'minin from Sudan.

Refugee women or their communities also receive a share of the profits received from the sale of Mishka Project's special collections. And for the Mishka Project, the funds used came from Makaila Haifa herself, without any donations from any party. LY Premium Scarf is a hijab brand designed for Indonesian Muslim women to appear more beautiful and elegant. LY Premium Scraf comes with high quality materials and prioritizes comfort. Apart from that, LY Premium Scraf also helps in preserving Indonesia's cultural heritage through batik designs from various regions  in Indonesia and city icons in various foreign countries as the main design and characteristic of LY Premium Scraf.

Hopefully this is the beginning of a long journey for the Mishka Project in the future. There is great hope that this social empowerment can be sustainable and open the gates to help and collaborate with many refugee women out there.

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