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Fashion Week

A number of models appeared wearing Makaila Haifa X Mishka Project BLOOM collection at The Westin Jakarta, Sunday (5/3/2023).

Jakarta, as reported by Makaila Haifa could be perceived by some as a normal fashion brand or brand similar to other brands. But who would have imagined that one brand might engage in social activities? Absolutely, Ling Hidah, the brand's owner, brought together some friends who were refugees from outside of Indonesia to enhance their diverse skills through the Mishka Project. Modeling, fashion styling, and photography are the areas of focus for one of them. Ling Hida with Makaila Haifa is more than just a clothing line; it gives migrants a platform to work and express themselves. Through painting designs on clothing and bags, they can express a variety of creative ideas pertaining to women's empowerment. This article has been published on with the title "Not Just a Fashion Brand, Makaila Haifa Helps Women in Refugee Camps ", Click to read:

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- The fighting spirit of refugee women in Indonesia is the inspiration for Makaila Haifa at Indonesia Fashion Week 2022. 'Revive' is the theme raised by Mishka Project with LY Premium Scarf.

Makaila Haifa brand collaborates with Indonesian Actress Nadine Chandrawinata. She is actively advocating for women's empowerment with her hashtag #WomenSupportWomen. Hida explains why Nadine was chosen to be the muse.

The Struggle of Women's Refugee Inspired by Makaila Haifa at Indonesia Fashion Week 2022 This article was posted on under the title Perjuangan Perempuan Pengungsi Jadi Inspirasi Makaila Haifa di Indonesia Fashion Week 2022 Writer : Gilang Akbar Prambadi

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