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Makaila Haifa Through the Mishka Project Provides Skills Development for Women's Refugee

Last updated: 17 Oct 2023  |  82 Views  | 

Makaila Haifa Through the Mishka Project Provides Skills Development for Women's Refugee

A local Indonesian brand fashion Makaila Haifa supported by UNCHR provides skill development opportunities for refugees with hold workshop painting and modeling classes.

Since 2021 Makaila Haifa cooperated with UNCHR to create a Miskha Project.

Through the Miska Project refugees in Indonesia get opportunities to develop their skills, especially women refugees. Ling Hida Saeful a founder of the Miska Project told to Anadolu Agency Previously “I had been involved in a project to support refugees in fashion but I became a participant, I think why not I am directly involved in getting to know the refugees more closely because there are many refugees who have not been touched and also many Indonesian citizens haven't paid attention to refugees and don't know at all about refugees.“Hida added in the Mishka Project they can get expertise and even develop the skills they have because refugees take part in the class mostly from Afghanistan.

Basically, they have sewing skills, and drawing in Miskha Project their skills will be applied to fashion in accordance with my skill.“Currently, UNCHR has a program with name Talent Beyond Boundaries (TBB) with this program refugees have opportunities displaced to their destination country with the talent they have, or skills.

Expected that the training will increase their skills and become experts in their field so that it will be easier for them to be noticed by their destination country so that they can be prioritized.”Since 2021, Makaila Haifa has organized the second training for refugees, the participants from various countries such as Somalia, Sudan, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.Freshteh Jafari is also called Dilla. She has lived in Indonesia since 2018.

She is a woman refugee from Afghanistan and a member of the Miskha Project. Dilla told to Anadolu Agency, "I think every big project from a great idea, and the Miskha Project is one of them."So why do I believe its a great idea, because we can easily recognize the people who are readily involved in this project and we can see that so many positive things happen already in their lives, so personally it happen to me as well because I could feel more confident a through this project and we are really appreciated.

"According to UNHCR records as of October 2022, a total of 12,731 refugees from various countries spread across several regions in Indonesia. They come from various countries of conflict, forcing them to leave their homes in search of a secure future for them. 



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